Internship acceptance

At Wyn-Tech, we are developing brain work that we can not do AI (artificial intelligence) with the management philosophy that "We are useful for customers with technology and appreciation". Why do not you experience your work with playfulness?

Compatible with various short-term internships

"Seminar/Tour type" to listen to workplaces and factories etc from personnel and senior employees, explanation of company, fascination and fun of work, etc., to invite interest in work, to have work experience, We will respond to your desired internships, such as "workplace experience type" that understands the structure of society.

Participation in internships can gain employment experience and achievements, gain opportunities to upgrade skills, think about their suitability through experiences, and think of thinking about course.

Regardless of high school students, university students, undergraduate departments, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Contact address

WYN-TECH Co.,Ltd,.
319-7 Miyamoto-cho, Handa-city, Aichi 475-0925, Japan
Telephone number:+81-569-25-2020  E-Mail:info@wyntech.jp